Lang-Lang Yuck

Giergiev and Lang-Lang gave Prokofiev' No. 3 on the 18th and 19th of May, 2009, at Salle Pleyel, Paris. Go here, and hit the link entitled "Mardi 14:30 Ecouter the Concert" (you have 24 hours do so) to hear HOW NOT TO PLAY IT. Really, it is worth hearing just to see how badly No. 3 can be played. It's an evenement, dear friends.

Now, I'm not fond of Giergiev -- he's too much of "classical music for busy people" sort of guy for me -- but this really is bloody awful and I suppose the blame for that is to be laid squarely at Lang-Lang's feet: Giergiev alone is never that bad.

Interestingly, judging by the applause, the audience loved it. Mrs S is right in observing that they just don't know the piece. They sure don't or they would boo to high heaven.


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