The annual summer solistice artifact quiz, second clue

Well, alas no, Mrs Ziuta K. of Wolomin, but thank you for participating in our quiz. No, alas, no, the answer to our quiz is not "Kamiya-guro", as you can clearly see by looking at Kamiya-guro, here.

(For the rest of you, dear readers, "Kamiya-guro" is a chaki-meibutsu (sometimes also called meibutsu-gari): it is a storied, named tea utensil, an item cherished as much for its aesthetic appeal as for its illustrious provenance. You can see several storied, named objects here (in the Mitsubishi Electric Museum) and read more about the concept here, on a page published by one of the leading tea-ceremony schools in Tokyo; a more interesting reading is perhaps this article by Herbert Plutschow, detailing in its chapter 7 the many ways in which chaki-meibutsu were used by the great generals of the civil war period (ca. 1570-1600) as symbols of power and objects of ritual. It's hard not to admire these guys' commitment to tea-ceremony in particular, and culture in general, the outward manifestation of the idea that a warrior's excellence does not reside in his superior military skills, but, on the contrary, his superior military skills are a function of his overall excellence of character; and that a warrior's chief object is not the seizure of political power but seizure of power for the sake of subsequent engagement in unbridled cultural enjoyment).

Anyhow, as we still do not have a winner, here is your second clue. This one should make it clear to all that the object of the quiz is not the cup in the painting fragment last posted, but rather the painting itself. Thus, you now you have two clues: beautifully manicured ladies hands holding precious art objects.

So -- any guesses?


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