At Cernuschi, while I am not there, damn it


This one is for monsieur Chris, the sculpture guy.

Websites with titles like Buddha Channel, or God Channel, or Jesus Channel or God is Great Channel are not usually places where I hang out. But this photo report of the current show at the Cernuschi in Paris is excellent. Just look at this baby. Internet search reveals a couple more interesting images: this and this. The show's best write up is, of course, chez Le Monsieur. Cernuschi itself has nothing for us internautes.

China has woken up to the potential buried in its ground and has begun to dig.


chris miller said...

What wonderful pieces!
And how flattering that you think of me when you see them!
Perhaps I'll try to make some Americanized Bodhisattvas as a tribute.

Sir G said...

there is no flattery among friends, Sir C, because all feelings are sincerely felt and all words are sincerely spoken

i am sure any bodhisattva you produce will be nothing short of divine -- whether americanized or not.

speaking of which, here is the one my heart loves:


copy him and you shall not go amiss! :)

chris miller said...

And here is my beloved Cincinnati Guanyin:


She's a few centuries younger, and just a bit more perky, though less serene.

Sir G said...

WOW, she's a beauty! have you got any other photos of her? she's gazing down in a way that's almost -- well -- i tremble to say this -- coquettish!

i'm also partial to dehua qingbai guanyins -- they were the in thing during Yuan Dynasty; i'm unable to post my own images from here, but this place has a couple:

they are extraordinary -- certainly beat the crap out of the kitchy meissen figurines; but they get short shrift -- no doubt because the association with meissen!

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